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Re: High Availability..

... using NFS you need to ensure, that all services accessing files on
the shared mounts rely on the same locking mechanisms - does not sem to
bee a viable path to me. But hav a look at SGI. they portet theire
XFileSystem (XFS) to linux and theres a cXFS (cluster XFS) version

did not yet try it myself, but SGIs IRIX is famous for (c)XFS.

don't try to mount one RAID partitition on more than one host
concurrently - only one can keep state of one filesystem.


Roger Abrahamsson wrote:
> Has anyone tried to set up any such debian systems?? I'm thinking of
> trying to set up two machines sharing the same raid disksystem as an NFS
> server with some sort of ip-takeover between them.. There are several
> things I'm seeing as possible problems, one is NFS file locking, and
> another is two RAID cards accessing the same disk subsystem...

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