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Re: Multiport ethernet cards

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Kim Lundgren wrote:

> I'm looking for cards that let me fill a box up with as many ethernet
> ports as possible. The purpose is to build a router-type machine, so
> they don't need to be 100mbit interfaces even if that's a plus. The only
> card I know of that seems to work on Linux is the DFE-570TX (Dlink card
> with 4 100mbit ports), but I can't find confirmation that it would
> actually give me 4 eth devices.
> In short, HELP! :)
> // Kim Lundgren

We run a Linux router with 4 DFE-570TX cards in it, for a total of 16
100mbit ports.. As it's a PII-350 it can handle a continous load of about
30mbit (without fastroute). However to be able to correctly configure and
handle more than 8 interfaces you need to apply some small patches to the
kernel and network drivers (there are some constants you need to change
etc). If you need to scale beyond 4 cards you have to be careful what
motherboard you select, simple because even if they have five or six pci
interfaces it's not certain they can handle pci bus mastering interfaces
on all.


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