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Re: disappearing resolv.conf

Are you running a dhcp client type program?  Something that would want to
update your resolv.conf?

I can't wait until Linux can log who did what to which file when... ;)

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Web Administration account wrote:

> List folks;
> I have this weird, intermittent problem with my /etc/resolv.conf . It seems
> to just not exist at odd intervals. Its a simple fix but it sux to have to
> cp the backup into place when we start getting "can't locate blah" errors.
> Its on a box running Woody. It was last updated about a week ago. Its
> running bind 8.2.2p5-11.  We use it as a dialup gateway and LAN forwarding
> nameserver so it causes all manner of problems re DNS locally.
> Any ideas about how or why this is happening?
> Perhaps its those daemons that infest the machines of the world rm'ing my
> resolv.conf?.
> Any ideas on what might be happening appreciated, sorcery included.
> Tom
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