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Re: your mail

Yes, patch is the program you use for this ;)

You can actualy run somethng like:

patch -p0 < filetopatchkernelwith.wee

That should do it, pray it applies cleanly and run a "make
mrproper" afterwards.

Second issue, the general config from Debian - not a problem.  Copy it out
first (before the patch and make mrproper) and then copy it back to the
/usr/src/linux/.config spot and run "make oldconfig".  That should fly
through the previous selections and only ask you for input where it needs
it.  Then, run a "make menuconfig" and walk through the setting one by one
to get to your "lean and mean" kernel.

Good luck,

p.s. It's amazing how theraputic doing online support can be after a
knock-out drag-down with your girlfriend.

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