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Re: RAID 5

Depends on who you ask for that reccomendation, I used both without a
problem for quite a while.  Also, the user was using a stock kernel with
(I think) the Debian distro and so "patch your kernel and
recompile" wasn't a suggestion I was going to give unless I felt it was a
good idea.

Besides, if you are willing to patch the kernel, why not just go with a
pre-2.4?  *grin*

-Nathan (who loves background rebuilds)

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Tamas TEVESZ wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Nathan wrote:
>  > so go with the regular package for now since it's proven stable. The
>  > raidtools2 is there for people like me who can't stand running stock
>  > kernels and love to have the latest stuff break our prodution boxes.
> actually this is not recommended. what is, getting the raid patches
> from people.redhat.com/~?mingo/raid-patches/raid-2.2.17-A0, patch
> the kernel, recompile the kernel, and use raidtools2.
> has some problems around raid1 i think.. use .16-A0 then.

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