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Re: Qmail and Debian

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 04:59:12PM -0600, Art Sackett wrote:
> > I haven't tried any of the web-based stuff, but have found that the
> > .debs of ucspi-tcp, ezmlm, rmlsmtpd, fastforward, and vchkpw have
> > all gone in flawlessly. Well, almost -- there's still a niggling
> > little problem where any other existing mail-transport-agent being
> > on the system will cause dpkg to bail out thinking qmail causes a
> > conflict. So after yanking out the default exim, you have to go back
> > and reinstall any you need of at, mailx, logrotate, and mail readers.
> > There may be others, which will be installation dependent.
> Huh?  Why would you need to deinstall at, mailx, logrotate and mail
> readers in the first place?
No need, really. :)

Compile qmail from qmail-src, and ucspi-tcp from ucspi-tcp-src.

# dpkg --ignore-depends=mail-transfer-agent \
       --ignore-depends=mail-transport-agent --purge exim
# dpkg -i ucspi-tcp qmail

That's all :)

Robert Varga

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