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Re: Qmail and Debian

On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 03:08:43PM -0700, Eric Jennings wrote:


> As for qmail, I attempted an install of qmail from dselect, and I had 
> nothing but problems.  After several days of pulling my hair out, I 
> opted to download the qmail source from qmail.org and install from 
> scratch.

The current .deb (for potato) works well -- apparently somebody fixed
the problem (not setting the execute bits on the files in /tmp/qmail/
needed for proper compilation).

> Sure enough, it works flawlessly.  Since then we've 
> installed ezmlm, and a slew of web-based admin tools for each. 

I haven't tried any of the web-based stuff, but have found that the
.debs of ucspi-tcp, ezmlm, rmlsmtpd, fastforward, and vchkpw have
all gone in flawlessly. Well, almost -- there's still a niggling
little problem where any other existing mail-transport-agent being
on the system will cause dpkg to bail out thinking qmail causes a
conflict. So after yanking out the default exim, you have to go back
and reinstall any you need of at, mailx, logrotate, and mail readers.
There may be others, which will be installation dependent.

It might also be handy if the rblsmtpd installer modified 
/etc/init.d/qmail to put the thing to work, which now requires going
in and manually editing. It's easy if you know to do it, but it would
be easier if the installer asked which services you wanted to enable.

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