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Re: Qmail and Debian

umm, vpopmail first. I installed the latest version from source, and it was seamless. I did not use a debian package to install it.

As for qmail, I attempted an install of qmail from dselect, and I had nothing but problems. After several days of pulling my hair out, I opted to download the qmail source from qmail.org and install from scratch. Sure enough, it works flawlessly. Since then we've installed ezmlm, and a slew of web-based admin tools for each. It was only later that week that someone mentioned that the qmail .deb packages are broken. That's why I decided to install vpopmail from scratch as well. It takes a bit longer, but you *know* you have a clean good install.


Hi, just a quick email to find out.

1. is the vchkpw/vpopmial package still being maintained under Debian,
doesn't look like it as vchkpw is several versions behind what is on the
inter7 site.

2. is there still a qmail list for Debian that anyone knows about.

etc ....

Have been using exim for the last 12 months or so but require a switch
to qmail and just seeing where Debian's possition on it was.

Any info greatly appreciated.

From Mitchell


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