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Re: sort of load balancing question

We're a qmail ISP, and we were using HORDE/IMP for our web mail... It's very nice looking, but wouldn't handle well under load, (or under limited bandwidth... horribly slow on a 56k modem). Since we use the vpopmail virtual mail program from inter7.com, we thought we'd try the SQWebMail that integrates with it. It's written in C and absolutely screams in comparison to IMP. Also, IMHO, SQWebMail supports multiple folders much much better than IMP.

I love PHP, but I believe IMP has tended to become too bloated for usefulness as of late. But, again, that's my opinion. YMMV.

Best Regards-
Eric Jennings

I am currently running a box with around 3500 users and moved to use IMP.
Now we have slight problems with service during heavy usage time.

IMP doesnt let people in. I think it is database problem. To solve this I
though to put a link on a main page which redirects every other web-mail
request to other imp server. Is there any way to do round robin style
redirection only to one web service. or do you have better solutions...

Currently running on

550 P2 with 1GB mem
apache 1.3.12-2
php4 4.0.1 pl2-2
horde 2:1.2.1-0
imp 2:2.2.1-0
postgres 7.0.2-4

Pasi Savilaakso


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