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Suggestion for Mail Archiving Software

Hello All

Has anybody get experience with and/or suggestions for mail 
archiving software.

I want copies of all mail arriving at certain addresses (sales, info, 
abuse etc) to be fed into an archive.  Ideally it should have the 
following features:

-   The archive should be accessible by a web or perhaps IMAP

-   It should be rotated say once a month. 

-   The archive files themselves should be compressed. 

There are lots of mailing lists which get archived, so there should 
be a number of programs to choose from.

Any suggestions? 



Ian Forbes ZSD
Office: +27 +21 683-1388  Fax: +27 +21 64-1106
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 46827, Glosderry, 7702, South Africa

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