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information question

Hello Debian ISPers,
I have a question regarding something I noticed on a debian
machine I use. I have a debian machine set up for internal ticketing
(request tracker) and I was browsing through my httpd logs and noticed
that some random users of the internet have been hitting the non existant
sites of users that I have on the machine (i.e- ~debian-isp). I was
wondering how they are finding out which users that I have on the machine
and was wondering if I could be running services that pose a security
problem. I only have the following open:

Port    State       Protocol  Service
21      open        tcp        ftp
22      open        tcp        ssh
25      open        tcp        smtp
80      open        tcp        http
113     open        tcp        auth
443     open        tcp        https
515     open        tcp        printer
3306    open        tcp        mysql
6000    open        tcp        X11

I had a question as to the function of 'auth'.
I am not quite sure what this does. If someone could give me a heads up.
Any advice appriciated.

Thank you!

D. Ghost

'space ghost with debian flavor'

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