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Re: Debian and LDAP

> Should anyone be interested, I've documented my experience here and
> provide pointers for deployment.
> 	http://www.imaginator.com/~simon/ldap
> I'm curious, what are other list members doing with ldap?
I am trying to migrate all my pop users to ldap, well... that's easy,
and provide virtual pop3 - editing account becomes easier and more
secure I think. only problem is that I don't want to migrate completely - 
 like I would using nss_ldap, but carefully select services 
I want authenticated via ldap etc...
As for now the only way to do that is to use nss in conjuction with pam -
 although it seemed like pam would be sufficient solution - it isn't. 

And to list members I've got a little question about performance - 
I am getting this strange feeling that sql server can authenticate
my users faster, and it's more straight-forward ( without using
caching - nscd ).
So why use ldap when sql is more powerfull? except for the fact
that there are lot of ldap-enabled tools, and my clients
would be quite happy to be able to include our users-base in their
outlook or netscape or whatever addressbooks?

regards, Eyck

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