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Re: 2500 Linux workstation !

> Multiply that by 2500 and that's 75G of
> data transfer, it would be 2 hours of network transfer on 100baseT if you
> didn't have timeouts and retransmits.  Of course with that load you would
> have heaps of timeouts and it would take much longer...

Catalan, The Pre-Boot eXecution Environment (PXE) could also make your
life simpler. As the name suggests you could download a fresh image to the
hard disk
every couple of days/reboots and then boot locally.

This way if you are ever worried about the integrity of a machine just
pull down a disk image you trust. PXE is also supposed to be more Windows
friendly if you have users that way inclined.

Nilo (www.nilo.org), the successor to the netboot and the etherboot
projects has PXE support.


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