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Re: fiber

Lenght of a BNC ethernet trunc can be 320m  ! Width a good cable you can
force the limit at 350m. Most 10mbs hubs have a bnc connextor width
180/320m switch !
You can get a link width 10Mb/s bandwidth.
Other sollution is two etherent segment linked width a ethernet
Other 10Mbs sollution is thin etnernet that support 500m/per segment.

Russell Coker wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Allen Ahoffman wrote:
> >Can someone comment here on reasons to use fiber for network cable now
> >instead of old style standard cat5 cable?
> >I see lots of fiber equipment out there but 100mbps is 100mbps right?
> >Is fiber economical when you get into over 100mbps situations?
> >thanks.
> Fiber currently allows gigabit speeds.  But there are some companies offering
> gigabit over Cat5 cable (but the quality of the cable would have to be
> significantly greater than most Cat5 implementations...).
> For 100M Cat5 is what you want.  Installing a 100baseT network is really
> easy, especially as most people don't need a dedicated 100M to their desktop
> so you just run two cables to each group of desks in an office (one spare
> just in case) and have a desktop switch.
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