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Re: fiber

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Allen Ahoffman wrote:
>Can someone comment here on reasons to use fiber for network cable now
>instead of old style standard cat5 cable?
>I see lots of fiber equipment out there but 100mbps is 100mbps right?
>Is fiber economical when you get into over 100mbps situations?

Fiber currently allows gigabit speeds.  But there are some companies offering
gigabit over Cat5 cable (but the quality of the cable would have to be
significantly greater than most Cat5 implementations...).

For 100M Cat5 is what you want.  Installing a 100baseT network is really
easy, especially as most people don't need a dedicated 100M to their desktop
so you just run two cables to each group of desks in an office (one spare
just in case) and have a desktop switch.

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