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Please help

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me.I have recently
gotten a bookpc computer,but I have not hooked it up yet.I enjoy
entering many sweepstakes and I would appreciate it if you could tell me
if there is any software or a program that would allow my computer to go
to multiple sweepstakes sites on its own(after I would find the
sweepstakes sites on my own and enter the names of the sweepstakes sites
into my computer)and enter my personal information on its own(my
name,address,etc.)    by useing the gator software or something
similar(it remembers your personal information;  your name address,etc.,
and allows you to automaticly enter sweepstakes).I would have to go to
the sweepstakes sites the first time and enter my personnal information
and then from that point on the gator software would remember my
personnal information.And then after entering my personal information
leave the sweepstakes site on its own and go to another sweepstakes site
and do the same thing all over again.This would allow me to enter many
more sweepstakes and it would take up less of my time.There may not be
any program or software specificaly designed to do this for sweepstakes,
but do you know of any program or software that can do this?
And a second question I have is do you know if there is software or a
program that could remember the names of sweepstakes websites and
automaticly tell me if I have already gone to certain sweepstakes
websites in the past;so I wont enter sweepstakes that I have already
entered and so I wont have to write the names of the sweepstakes
websites down on paper and have to check the names of many websites one
by one on the paper.                 And if you don't know the answer to
these questions,could you please tell me where I could look to get the
answers to these  questions?
Thank you very much

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