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Re: subnet

At 01:44 PM 7/14/00 -0700, Kevin wrote:
>When our customers dial-in, and they run winipcfg in 98 it shows that
>their subnet is  Recently a customer complained that this
>was degrading their performance.  I've tried some other isps to see
>what happens on theirs and its about 50/50 with and
>  My question is does it make a difference as far as
>performance is concerned?

I don't know what they would be complaining about.  Did they give any
reasoning or hard data that it was slowing them down?  Or did they just
"hear from somebody" who said it degraded performance.  There's nothing that
I know of that would cause performance to drop (or increase) because of the
subnet mask.  From a dial up customer's point of view it's essentially
meaningless.  Maybe they believe they're susceptible to more broadcast
storms.  All the subnet mask does is tell the host where to send packets.
If a destination is on your subnet, you send it (dump it on the wire)
locally, if it's not on your subnet it has to be sent to the gateway to be
routed somewhere.  But in this case, they're exactly the same!  Basically I
just think they're smoking crack.

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