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Re: apache_1.3.12 SSL error

Hi guys,

First, I haven't read this message stream closely, so I have probably missed something.

I would suggest removing and reinstalling the package from the debian site. You may want to remove the 'standard' apache as well.

I had looked at that package sometime back and it worked first try.

Best of luck.

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On 6/29/00 at 5:34 PM Dariush Pietrzak wrote:

>> mod_ssl module (I think that's what you asked the first time).  Does
>> it not work for you?
>It doesen't:
>apt-get install apache-perl libapache-asp-perl Reading Package Lists...
>Done Building Dependency Tree... Done The following packages will be
>  apache libapache-mod-ssl The following NEW packages will be installed:
>  apache-perl libapache-asp-perl
>is there something wrong with dependencies? or maybe there's some reason
>for that situation?
> confused Eyck
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