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Re: Adding new network service - how?

On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 10:51:58AM -0400, Chester Hosey wrote:

<snipped for brevity>
> Are you binding to a specific IP address (eg,, or just
> If you bind to a specific IP, only packets coming in on that interface
> will actually appear.

I've tried binding to the machine's internet IP address and to, with 
the same results. The server is just not ever seeing the connection unless it 
comes from -- the machine's own internet IP address won't even 

I've confirmed that it's not my server's allow/deny rules at fault, by 
printing to STDERR on every connection before anything else happens. When it 
doesn't work, it's not making any noise at all, and all I see is iplogger 
making notes in /etc/syslog.

Back to hair-tearing and swearing...

----   Art Sackett   ----

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