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Re: kernel upgrade

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Helber wrote:

> Something happened when I had to change my ide controller and my server now is not able to boot from HD.
> It was booting with a floppy. ( no problem, normally I do not need to boot)
> The problem now is doing an upgrade from a new version of kernel.
> How do I create a new floppy boot with the new version of the kernel?
> I apreciate any help.

Look into the README of the kernel-source (in /usr/src). It contents a
chapter on this issue! I don't have it in my brain, sorry. There's too a
HOWTO on booting...


P.s.: The kernel source always comes with the distribution, if you just
took a new binary-deb-package, get the source-deb-package too...


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