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Re: where to find web browser statistics information?

>>before you bother replying, go do some research on the subject matter.
>>i'll just ignore anything which reeks of typical american ignorance.
>Research... I didn't pull this out of thin air you know.  I was watching a
>program about Australia and it was describing some of their "programs" and I
>generally found it to be disturbing.  Before that I kind of thought of
>Australia as a semi-idyllic place.  Unlike here.  This country is utterly
>screwed up and ass-backwards.  And people wonder why the Roman Empire fell...

ROFL.  I did research, I watched a TV show!  Could you indict America any

As for Australia being a semi-idyllic place, no place is.  I have decided not
to live permanently in Australia again because I get the impression that
smart people aren't wanted (unless they are earning lots of money and can be
taxed at a rate of 50% to pay for social security for dole bludgers who are
too lazy to work).

I now live in the Netherlands where smart people are generally liked, the pay
is good, the tax is low, things are generally better here.
I am trying to convince all smart Australians I know to join me here in

As for the Roman Empire.  I believe that we are coming to a time of change. 
I think that a number of currently first-world countries will fall in the
next few decades.  Large parts of America will go down, but I think that some
states will evolve into seperate countries which remain in first-world

Russell Coker

PS  Perhaps we should take this discussion to a different list like LUV-TALK.

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