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Re: where to find web browser statistics information?

At 05:25 PM 5/19/00 +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
>to yanks, socialism is an evil, dirty word - roughly equivalent
>to satanism. but we understand why you're like that...you've been
>brainwashed with anti-socialist bullshit since you were small children.

Hahah, Satanism, that was a good one. :)  But I still prefer individualism
to socialism.

>the rest of the world knows it isn't anywhere near so bad. the rest of
>the world knows that democracy and socialism are not opposites, they are
>orthogonal - you can have a socialist democracy (like those in northern

Whoa, orthoganol. :)

>while america pretends otherwise, the rest of the world knows that
>freedom is a lot more than just the freedom to choose between working
>for minimum wage and starving.

Hmm, we have alots of good jobs.  If a company is trying to hire somebody
for min wage, good luck!  Labor is so tight now even hamburger flippers make
6 bucks an hour.

>before you bother replying, go do some research on the subject matter.
>i'll just ignore anything which reeks of typical american ignorance.

Research... I didn't pull this out of thin air you know.  I was watching a
program about Australia and it was describing some of their "programs" and I
generally found it to be disturbing.  Before that I kind of thought of
Australia as a semi-idyllic place.  Unlike here.  This country is utterly
screwed up and ass-backwards.  And people wonder why the Roman Empire fell...

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