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Logging a POP3 session

  we have a client who is claiming he's not receiving all his email.
  people are apparently sending him messages and he's not receiving it.

  oh, and his PA is reading his mail as well, but she 'swears she never deletes

  I've checked the exim logs and all the mail is delivered to his mailbox. 
  (I got the details of the missing messages and checked)
  but I can't prove there's not something wrong with the POP server.

  is there any way to log a POP3 session?  I've checked www.spack.org/debian
  and freshmeat.net for POP3 servers (currently using qpopper) and none
  of them seem to offer this feature (not that I'm suprised, mind you)

  can anyone think of a way of proving that the mail is definitely getting to
  his mail reader?

  Debian 2.1
  exim 2.05-2
  qpopper 2.3-4

Daniel Quinlan				daniel@netwise.net.au
Netwise Australia			ph:  07 3252 8111
"Engineering Your Network Solution"	fax: 07 3216 0226

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