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Re: mail server w/ 65000++ users

On Tue, May 16, 2000 at 12:28:40PM +0200, Robert Varga wrote:

> Its documentation is a joke I think. It is 800 pages, but unusable for
> anything but reading it from the start, but if you want to search in it
> quickly and haven't read it before, because you just want to put in
> something, then it is unusable.

Depends on what you're after in terms of documentation, of course - I
always found it quite nice when I used Exim.  It's also worth looking at
the FAQ which is more oriented towards "I'd like to..." when you don't
know the sort of Exim feature you'd use.  It fulfils a lot of the roles
of a tutorial-type section in the manual.

> Speed: much slower than qmail.

It's not that bad - from my memories of both Exim and qmail I think that
qmail has some much more aggressive defaults than Exim.  I could be
wrong on that, but it's certainly possible to push a good load through

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