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Re: using nsupdate to add a new zone?

I don't understand why you need this to happen every 5 minutes.
If it is delegations are from the root servers, they are only updated
twice daily.  Sure you can update the zone files right after the
registration, but nobody except people who use your name servers for
recursive lookups will get that info.

If the problem is more one of pleasing the customer than doing the
technically sufficient thing, I suggest the following:

Separate the authoritative servers (A) from the ones the customers use
for recursive lookups (R).

Add the _new registrations_ to the R servers and update R's every five
minutes.  The customers who use the R servers will get the 'right'
answers and be happy.

Twice a day, yank that day's batch of new zones from the R servers and
move them to A servers.  

This way R servers get updated often but with 100-500 zone files, the
A servers get updated just in time. 

If the customers grab the DNS IP's via PPP, you can change the numbers
very easily.  

Would this work, or am I misunderstaning the problem?




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