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Re: using nsupdate to add a new zone?

> > Maybe I should explain myself a little bit clear. The company I work for
> > has approx 10000 zone files, with between 10-500 being delegated to our
> > servers each day. 
> Wow.

I was suprised at the amount of zone files and amount of delegations they
get a day as well. Naturally the five hundred is a peak and does not happen
every day but I do not want to reload the server every half hour or so
as naturally it is quite busy.

> > I was looking for a dynamic way to add a zone file to the server without
> > restarting the server ie ndc reload
> Ummm, aren't you going to have to burp the server (i.e. ndc reload) to get
> it to start serving those zones. 

Thats true, but I was hoping that there was some dynamic way instead of 
just a ndc reload.

I went through the source and it doesn't look too difficult to implement such
a feature - I was wondering how other people handle these situations.

Currently we reload our servers every 5 minutes (for customer turnaround time)
but the machines don't seem to handle it very well.

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