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Re: linux routing

Quoting Kevin <cog@iwz.com>:

> The subnet is, I just gave those ips as an example.  I
> need
> the router because it is being used with wireless equipment, and as far
> as I
> know they dont make any kind of wireless wic for a cisco.  The "router
> (" is connected to our hub which then goes to our cisco
> and
> the t1.  I need to route wireless clients ips through the
> router.

Cisco just recently purchased Aironet Communications, which produces a wireless 
bridge, which is exactly what it says:  a bridge.  Ethernet (10BaseT) on one 
end, antenna on the other.  At the remote location you'd have another wireless 
bridge.  No messy routing to worry about, unless you wanted to throw a 2-nic 
router in somewhere.  I've worked with the Aironet devices and they do a fairly 
nice job.

I've also worked with ciscos running over microwave gear.  Just v.35 between the 
wireless and the cisco.

What is the interface to the wireless unit?

If you want to route, you could break your subnet into two 
subnets of, one for each location.  You would lose two IP 
addresses, though.

Another option is using masquerading/network address translation/port address 

John Kramer

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