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Re: linux routing

The subnet is, I just gave those ips as an example.  I need
the router because it is being used with wireless equipment, and as far as I
know they dont make any kind of wireless wic for a cisco.  The "router
(" is connected to our hub which then goes to our cisco and
the t1.  I need to route wireless clients ips through the

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I'm not sure why you need the router. Your two machines are on the same IP
subnet, which is an Ethernet LAN (I'm assuming this, you haven't provided
the netmask of the network which is necessary to determine this).

Normally, in an IP network, each network has a separate IP network address
(which is defined by the netmask). The router forwards IP datagrams
between the two networks. In setting up your network, you should have two
separate IP network addresses for the two networks in the router
machine. Its two interfaces are and which
appear to be in the same IP network address space. The second interface
(eth1) should be in another IP address space.

I could help a little more if you were to explain a little more the
details of the 'internet' and why you don't want to put both machines on
that LAN.

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