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Re: mailserver solutions

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, hendriks@genic.de wrote:
>The problem is that there are not much users per domain but a lot of
>domains. I think this version is only suitable if you have to handle 1000
>or more Acconts for only one domain. And especially with only one
>I think the Communigate Pro is exactly what I need. It's a solution of
>stalker (www.stalker.com). I didn't found a comparable product yet, does
>anybody know ?

There is a Dutch ISP service called "24 Hours Net" which is a free ISP (in
Europe local phone calls are time charged and the ISP receives a portion of
the phone call costs which covers all costs of running the ISP).  It is aimed
at business customers and gives each customer 1 free .nl domain.  It is all
based around the Netscape mail, web, and SMTP servers.  It supports web based
administration etc and works reasonably well.

My personal estimation is that the current setup is likely to experience
performance problems when it exceeds 10,000 domains, and will certainly have
problems with 30,000 domains.  But there is plenty of time to upgrade and/or
reconfigure before then.

I believe that the entire range of software employed on 24hoursnet servers is
available for Linux.

Russell Coker

Disclaimer:  I am not representing 24hoursnet or Versatel in this message.  I
am merely providing technical information that I believe may be of interest
to people here.

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