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Re: mailserver solutions

> Web-based administration is silly, IMHO.  Sure, folks have good
> uses for it, I don't.  Though that is what they asked for.

Sure, I don't think that Web-based administration is the best solution,
but if you have to handle a few customers want to create or delete their
account for their domain themselfs and this over a comfortable
WebInterface ... I haven't found a better solution yet.

> Far easier is to have a database backend for it, then use a
> web-based thingy (if you have to) to update the DB with users.  

The problem is that there are not much users per domain but a lot of
domains. I think this version is only suitable if you have to handle 1000
or more Acconts for only one domain. And especially with only one

I think the Communigate Pro is exactly what I need. It's a solution of
stalker (www.stalker.com). I didn't found a comparable product yet, does
anybody know ?

>  > > ... and for the per web administration ?
>  > > 
>  > > I use qmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin+IMP and it works fine.
>  > 
>  > ditto. qmail has been very solid for me in high-volume environments and
>  > the vpopmail package has been flawless.
Is there also a web administration availible for exim ?

kind regards,
achim hendriks
mediagenic services

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