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Re: FTP upload by email

> customerx does not have a direct connection to the internet. he only can
> sends mail over a mail exchanger. But he should be able to update a file
> on the firms webserver. therefor he have to send this file as an
> attachment to the server who now have to put it in the right directory.
ok. i think that's easy. 

> But the user also have to prove his identity (for example over a password)
hmm. hmm.. so user only have access to mailx, and you want him to prove
his identity ?
how? by putting passwd in message body ?

> procmail can not do this, can it ? 
with a little bit of help.. why not.

I imagine procmail sending message to some perl script doing
all the stuff. It could .. like test pgp signature or sth..
Never seen a ready product doing what you want, but it shouldn't
be that hard to write.

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