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Re: it's safe to run a web hosting server with the unstable distributions ?

Typing away merrily, John Haggerty produced the immortal words:
> Is there say a test that can be implimented that would test to determine
> wheather the program you are running will work under perl<whatever> and
> then pick that version of perl? That would really rock and would possibly
> be quite easy considering perl is a great tool for text manipulation and
> analysis.

At run-time of request?  Erk!

If you're using a web-server which pre-determines mime-types, such as
wn, you could conceivable use perl_version -c script, making sure that
you handle -T (taint-checking) on the command-line.

But if the script is syntactically valid in a version where it would
actually fail, then your "test" becomes a competent human perl
programmer.  Or non-human, if you employ such.

The best way IME is to not have /bin/perl exist - always encode the
version number, and let the #! line be your switch for picking the perl

Oh, and the boss says that we have a large proportion of 1,500 customers
of the relevant service whose scripts all date from perl4-only days and
if I want to phase out /bin/perl as perl4 then I can do it all by
myself.  I think that fairly neatly ends that discussion - I'm already
trying to juggle too many things at work.
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