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Re: it's safe to run a web hosting server with the unstable distributions ?

Is there say a test that can be implimented that would test to determine
wheather the program you are running will work under perl<whatever> and
then pick that version of perl? That would really rock and would possibly
be quite easy considering perl is a great tool for text manipulation and

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Phil Pennock wrote:

> Typing away merrily, cfm@maine.com produced the immortal words:
> > You **need** clients to complain loudly when something breaks; otherwise
> > how will you know?  As for the lawyers, you'll hear from them 
> > if you upgrade or if you fail to upgrade.  ;^)  We've just found
> > it easier to maintain consistent upgrades as a matter of **policy**.
> We found with experience that this doesn't scale all that well.  Mind,
> I work for a reasonably large ISP.
> When you have large corporate customers who make money from their sites,
> they can be _very_ reluctant to make changes.  Policy be damned if it's
> not utterly and clearly specified in the contract and your customers
> lose a few cents.  :^(
> Result: despite trying to ensure /bin/perl5.003_03 etc, the fact that
> we'd previously had /bin/perl as perl4 means that we had to give in and
> put it back as just that.  Unfortunately, this means that customers who
> don't read the docs and just type /bin/perl get perl4.  :^(  Legacy
> support is a problem, and a large one, which applies to more than just
> web-sites.  This is part of what support-departments are for, though -
> pointing out to customers the stuff which is already documented clearly.
> *coughs*
> I tried suggesting a phase-out policy for the contracts.  I don't think
> our contracts have that, unfortunately.  Certainly not the oldest ones,
> who are the ones most likely to be using perl4, etc.
> Hrm .. time to talk to the boss about having another go at phasing out
> perl4 on the servers ...
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