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Re: COMMERCIAL: Anyone leasing a debian server?

I checked the communitech.net website... such as at their dedicated server
(http://www.communitech.net/hosting/dedicated/unix/packages.cgi )
and they all stated they run Redhat 6.1.

Maybe you could direct us to the correct webpage for debian hosting?

Actually... are they one and the same company?
Check out http://www.communitech.net/hosting/virtual/ and
http://www.nextvision.net/webhosting/resellers/ , on the different

Notice the SAME chequered graphic (the one with red x crosses). The graphic
is IDENTICAL on both websites.

Pretty strange. Sorry if i'm not looking at the right pages, but i look all
around and couldn't find it.

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> >Hi,
> >
> >Zentek International does provide such a service using Debian servers.
> >
> >If you would like more information, just mail me directly at
> >jcl@zentek-international.com
> >
> >As for the availability of other companies using Debian, i can tell you
> >that you'd be hard pressed to find even a handful.
> I use nextvision.net and communitech.net
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