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Re: COMMERCIAL: Anyone leasing a debian server?

I checked the communitech.net website... such as at their dedicated server
(http://www.communitech.net/hosting/dedicated/unix/packages.cgi )
and they all stated they run Redhat 6.1.

Maybe you could direct us to the correct webpage for debian hosting?


Custom built server. I went for hardware RAID1 (IDE card) and loads of memory. They tried, but failed to get the SCSI RAID card going on Debian.

Actually... are they one and the same company?
Check out http://www.communitech.net/hosting/virtual/ and
http://www.nextvision.net/webhosting/resellers/ , on the different

Notice the SAME chequered graphic (the one with red x crosses). The graphic
is IDENTICAL on both websites.

Heh. Clipart?

Communitech.net hosts out of Missouri, Nextvision.net from Arizona.

Nextvision claim (or used to claim) to have 24/7 tech support, but when my machine curled up its toes 10pm Friday night recently, despite panic emails, faxes and phone calls, it didn't get re-booted until Monday morning, and no apology email was received. Due to this, I'd suggest communitech as a first choice.

Andrew P. Gardner

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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