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Re: System clock

At 10:50 AM 4/9/00 +1000, Doug Bean << Mr Bean's Internet >> wrote:
>UTC) when I set to GMT or any other timezone except UTC. It sort of makes no
>difference what happens I get exim sending
>with the right time or the system is the right time and exim is out by 10.
>If Exim is sending with the right time, Radius is then out by 10Hrs.

It sounds like the problem is that Exim doesn't know what offset it's in.
That is definatly an on-topic question for the Exim list.  Once you get your
system clock set to GMT, anything showing the wrong time is a problem with
that particular piece of software.  Do the Exim docs say anything about it?
It "should" use the system time and timezone by default.  But it sounds like
Exim is  assuming the system clock is local time and is then trying to
convert back to GMT.

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