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Re: Ethernet card recommendations?

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Kevin Blackham wrote:

> I do _not_ recommend the Intel EtherExpress 100 line.  (82557, 558, 559 chip)
> They have a receiver lockup bug which if you are pushing a lot of traffic,
> will definitely affect you.  We had two EEPro100s in our mail server (one for
> smtp/pop/imap, one for nfs traffic).  There was a consistent problem with
> blocked processes caused by nfs traffic backing up.  There are now newer 
> drivers provided by Intel, and patches available which seem to take care of
> the problem.
> We swapped them out for some Netgear FA 310tx, $25.  Tulip chipset.  They've
> been running great for a long time now.  I've heard that newer productions
> of this model do not have the Tulip chip anymore.  Check for that.

I don't think you can get the DEC Tulip chips anymore from Netgear. I
think they switched completely over to the LiteOn clone.

My own informal suggestion has been either the Netgear DECchip cards, or
D-Link VIA-rhine cards (don't remember the part #, but it's the 10/100

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