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Re: Ethernet card recommendations?

I do _not_ recommend the Intel EtherExpress 100 line.  (82557, 558, 559 chip)
They have a receiver lockup bug which if you are pushing a lot of traffic,
will definitely affect you.  We had two EEPro100s in our mail server (one for
smtp/pop/imap, one for nfs traffic).  There was a consistent problem with
blocked processes caused by nfs traffic backing up.  There are now newer 
drivers provided by Intel, and patches available which seem to take care of
the problem.

We swapped them out for some Netgear FA 310tx, $25.  Tulip chipset.  They've
been running great for a long time now.  I've heard that newer productions
of this model do not have the Tulip chip anymore.  Check for that.

Kevin Blackham                                               801-539-0852
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On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 06:55:13PM +1000, Neale Banks wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Any recommendations on a *reliable* ethernet card to spec for a Debian
> (potato) box to be deployed as a dedicated mail exchanger?
> Not thinking so much of the fastest, as something that will reliably pump
> data.
> 10/100, Full-duplex, PCI prefered (what else would you use in a "serious"
> server?).
> Comments of revisions of drivers welcome.
> Thanks,
> Neale.
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