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Re: Making Debian Recognize 256 Meg of Ram

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Wilson Tuma wrote:

> Would somebody be kind enough to tell me how to make my machine recognize
> 256Meg of RAM.
> When I added the ram and did top and did see only 64Meg.

Any reasonably recent kernel (even 2.0.3x) _should_ be able to recognise
this without specific assistance.  If you are running an earlier 2.0.x
kernel (like x < 38) there are reasons why you should consider updating.

As others have pointed out, you can force the issue with a "mem=256M"
parameter to LILO.  Two points:

1) Read the Bootprompt-HOWTO for the lowdown on this.

2) Don't ever tell Linux that it has more memory than is really present -
it may take time, but Bad Things (or possibly just one fatally Bad Thing)
*will* happen.


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