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Re: POP3 over SSL

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Kiss Csaba wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>    I use Debian on my box. I`m would like to find a solution this
> problem:
>    I need to fetch mailes from my ISP over SSL(995 tcp port). Later I
> used fetchmail to get mails with non SSL. Can you tell me hints
> what      software can do it?

According to the fetchmail FAQ, it can be compiled with SSL support
included. Make sure you have the OpenSSL libraries installed (which you
can get from http://www.openssl.com ) and configure it with the --with-ssl
flag. The FAQ at 
http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/fetchmail/fetchmail-FAQ.html#K5 has a little
more info.


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