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Re: Maildir format and daemons

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Technical Support wrote:

> Currently using qpopper for pop3, but we need to nfs our home dirs. I
> thought that it would make sense to stick maildis in the home for
> simplified disk accounting and user deletion. Reading the qmailer docs to
> do this I realized that I would need a pop3d to access the maildir
> formated directoties. Any suggestions?

Use qmail-pop3d from the qmail package, or the vchkpw package.
Unfortunately vchkpw debian package version is quite old, 3.1.2 (current
is 3.4.10), but you can download the current version and install it. Jon
Marler is packaging a newer version (3.4.9) but he has not written to the
debian-qmail list (qmail@planetsites.com) awhile...

For converting mboxes to maildirs there are quite a few tools hanging


Robert Varga

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