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Re: autoresponder to send MIME attached file?

In Pine (will be available in next Debian update) you can send
attachments commandline. Perhaps this helps...


"Michael W. Shaffer" wrote:
> Maybe you could just use mpack (from the debian package of the same name
> I think) to pack your word files into ordinary mime message bodies ready
> to send and then just apply the same techniques you used before to send
> each particular file.
> If you really want some code to programatically pack and send files, I
> have some from my personal utility library written in C. It is just two
> functions, basically a MIME encoder and a raw 'SMTP send'. It doesn't
> rely on any outside programs or anything and will build on most any UNIX
> or NT (all it really needs is a sockets-like api). I'll post it somewhere
> if anyone is interested.
> --- Chris Evans <chris1@psyctc.org> wrote:
> > I am sure someone has cooked this up already.  I run a Debian
> > system and want to be able to cook up a program that will send a
> > file to someone as a MIME attachment picking up the "reply-to"
> > address from the incoming mail.
> >
> > I have done something similar in Perl, invoking sendmail, to send
> > simple messages to people who send "subscribe" messages and
> > the like to old list addressess on my server.  What I want is to be
> > able, fairly easily, to put a new alias in my sendmail aliases so that
> > a particular file (probably a Word file I'm afraid) will be sent to
> > someone automatically.  It would be grand if the same program
> > could be used each time with two arguments, one a file for the text
> > message (and subject line) and the other the filename for various
> > different files so all I had to do each time I wanted to send a new
> > file was to add the appropriate line to my aliases file.
> >
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