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Re: I cant connect to an ISP

Well, I cant ping my isp. Only addresses can i ping are:
the ip that i received by provider and the network ip ( But any
IP that i ping, i doesnt have any response. 

>First off use route -n which does not depend on a DNS server.  
>Second, can you ping the address of your isp like ping
>If you can ping the actual address but not the name of the host then your
>problem is in the DNS Bind setup.  
>Also, when first connecting to your isp and setting up your connection scripts

>use minicom to make the connection.  Some isp's have different prompts than
>standard default.  They also have different options that you will be prompted.

>When you use minicom you will see all of the prompts and you should write them

>down so that you can create a script to connect to the internet.
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