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RE: IMAP Experiences.

Gee dejavu...  I just mentioned the Cyrus Server which
I use inhouse for our IMAP services.  It can use PAM.  I don't
know if there is a .deb package for it, but it compiles easily
on debian.  I am using an older version however.  Their newer 
version looks even easier to do your custom mods.  One of the 
things I changed was to add in notification services over and
above the one they have defined.

I didn't really like the UW Imap server all that much.  I do use
the C-Client library, and Mark Crispin who is mainly responsible 
for this software has had a big hand in developing the IMAP standard.

Not that your really need to be told, but I've heard that MS-Exchange
does weird things when you try to configure it as an IMAP server. 

Bill Suetholz

On 26-Nov-99 Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> Hi.
> I've had someone ask me about the possibility of IMAP. I must say it's
> not a service I feel particularly comfortable running - the only IMAP
> package in Debian seems to be the UW one, which has had more than it's
> fair share of remote exploits from what I remember.
> Anyone any words of wisdom about the best server out there? Or indeed if
> there are any fit to be run open to the whole world?

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