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Re: Huge email service

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Chris Wagner wrote:

> Well hurray for the Argentinians!  That actually makes the problem much much
> simpler.  You can break it down by region and city so you won't have to
> worry about terabyte RAID's. :)  Give them accounts of the form
> user@city.region.ar.  

What happens when a guy moves?
What happens to the 132 Pablo Sanchez(s) in Rio?

maybe have user names of the form 


This will hash the 30 million users over 26*26 MX possible records.
This maps via an alias table, to an internal number/password pair.  Users
specify, via a config screen, that they want 87364855 to read mail off the
Rio server, so the alias sends mail there.  When the guy moves to the
highlands, he changes this, to get better response.

The problem seems to be looking up the aliases.

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