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Re: How to limit it ?

* Grzegorz Pawel Szostak said:
> > -->> The simplest way to deal with users who send spam is to drop the user when
> > -->> they do it and DON'T allow them back in.  EVER!
> > -->Well, that's what I do :))))))))
> > Geez, wish i could do the same :) 
> > 
> > According to idea of setting ulimit in .profile - it probably wont work
> > with ssh. 
> It works with ssh ! I'm using global profile: /etc/profile and ssh (always
> - you know why :) ) 
No, it works with bash, not with ssh. In case you don't know, a legitimate
user on your machine doesn't have to use shell, he can exec for example mc
using ssh AND bypassing shell.


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