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Re: Long usernames

* Jaysen O'Dell said:

> > > >take a day off). Any suggestions.
> > >
> > > Hmm.  My box took long usernames from the get-go.  Have you tried to create
> > > a long name and had it fail?  This install of mine is over a year old.
> > Nobody  forbids you to use long user names on a GNU system. It's just
> > probable that some software on other systems will fail when handed a >8
> > username.
> I was against this from the get go on a public system. My locals are all
> private so I wasn't worried the first time I went >8. I guess I must
> choose: Be right and st <=8 or eat. Hmmm.... I guess I will look for a
> way to do >8 :)
You mean like you have customers who want to have loooong user names? :))
What for? So that it takes longer to type their login name? :))


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