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Warning about Kingmax ethernet cards

The supplier that we buy parts off supplied us with 3 Kingmax KC-301a 10/100
ethernet cards, which were quoted as having a Linux-compatible Realtek
chipset. The site also quotes this fact.

Much to our surprise, the cards don't, and the Kingmax customer service
people who answer email said that not only does the chipset change
frequently on these cards, but that it was our fault for not doing our
"research" before buying. I tried many thigns to get these cards working,
but gave up in the end.

Fortunatly, we were able to swap these cards for Acer ones with a realtek
8029, but apparently the Kingmax cards are for some reason very popular in
Australia at the moment.

Just a bit of a warning that cost us about a week of stalled work.


Conscience makes cowards of us all.

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