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Re: Strange FTP problem

Adam Heczko wrote:
> Hi, all
> I'm running standard UNIX FTP daemon server and have little problems with
> files upload: if a some file (for example 'a.html') in a some directory
> exists and you want to upload new 'a.html' file to that directory, the
> sarver says "550 a.html: Overwrite permission denied".
> FTP daemon couldn't overwrite file that already exist.
> Umask of the FTP server is set to 022

Some FTP servers don't allow overwriting by default. If you use
proftpd for example, you need to add the following in the
proftpd.conf file:
<Directory /the/directory/in/question>
AllowOverWrite On

The setting is inherited by subdirectories (for Proftpd at least).


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