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Re: choosing database server for websites

At 06:46 AM 9/26/99 +0200, you wrote:
>On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Ken wrote:
> > Well mon, it would be just dandy if it were free...
>look back, jeremy said he wanted to run it on HIS website.
>in this case, he does not have to pay.
>read the mysql license first... well, kinda complicated, not
>opensource yet quite liberal..

Oh-kay mon...  To me the term "my server" could refer to any one of several
boxes I admin, some of which I own and some I don't.  Regardless, they are
all still "my" babies;)

But anyhow, I did't realize Sybase was giving away the 11.0.X version for
use with whatever you heart desires...  Thanks to Vlad for pointing it out.
 Along these lines, does anyone happen to know if Informix is still giving
away Linux version of it's SE server for development use??  Or was it the
CE??  I guess I should hit their site and take a gander... Not going to
dump MySQL, but if they are then it might be of interest to Jeremy.

Ciao-- Ken

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